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Examples are:

Supply of daily weather information to the Clipper fleet in the Clipper 11/12 Round the World Yacht Race.

A 5 day report on expected conditions and overall routing for the two On Deck Farr 65's for their voyage from the Cape Verde Islands to Barbados in November 2011.

Provision of a detailed forecast for Irish weather conditions for WeatherNet UK.

A Weather and Current Brief for the Clipper Round the World race (09/10) for the Singapore to Qingdao leg.  This was given to all the skippers in the fleet, and does not give any routing advice as it's a race and they need to go their own way.

A brief for a passage made by one of the Joint Services Challenge 67 yachts from Wellington around Cape Horn.

A brief for a successful Gibraltar Straits Swim.

A one page look up table for the wind for the Fastnet 2009 race.

Regular weather updates and advice to the organisers and skipper of the Ellen MacArthur Trust Round Britain Voyage in 2009.

 For a more scientific approach, here is Simon's master's dissertation, Downstream Transformation of African Easterly Waves: Criteria for Development

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